Race away with the money in Logan Lucky.

Post date: Aug 28, 2017 12:27:56 PM

By: Robby Timmler, Promotional Director

Posted August 28th, 2017

Logan Lucky is the story of Jimmy Logan (played by Channing Tatum) who was let go from his construction job working on the Super Speedway and his brother Clyde (played by Adam Driver) a one handed bartender who lost his hand in Afghanistan. They make a plan to steal money from the Speedway to be able to support themselves for life. To help with the heist they get Joe Bang (played by Daniel Craig) a prisoner that was arrested for blowing up bank vaults and their sister Mellie (played by Riley Keough) a beauty shop worker whose role is the getaway driver. Complications arise and the heist has to moved up one week ahead of schedule.

Logan Lucky is a great heist film that is charming and entertaining. The characters are relatable and funny. The acting is terrific like Daniel Craig who looks and acts the part of a southern jail mate that knows how to make explosives. Plus Channing Tatum and Adam Driver have great chemistry together and makes it believable that their brothers. The film shows the multiple steps of the heist which is interesting to watch and see how it all goes down. The weakness of the film is that is waste talented actors like Seth MacFarlane and Sebastian Stan whose characters are pointless to the story or Hilary Swank who only shows up at last ten minutes of the film. Logan Lucky gets 9/10 stars.