Ralph Breaks the Internet is an amazing movie!

Post date: Jan 3, 2019 3:24:58 PM

By: Eddie Inchaurregui, Staff Writer

Posted January 3rd, 2019

For this article, I will give you guys insight on the new movie Ralph Breaks the Internet. In this movie, we start off with our two main characters: Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz, who are continuing to enjoy the arcade life. In the course of their adventure, Vanellope complains to Ralph noting how repetitive their life is at Litwak’s Family Fun Center Arcade. Ralph disagrees, saying he prefers the pleasures of the arcade he shares with her. In attempt to spice up Vanellope’s life, Ralph changes her game, which causes the arcade game to break. In order to save all the players of Sugar Rush from abandonment, the cast is set off on an adventure to fix her arcade game. After discovering the Internet, Vanellope is in shock and awe over the game Slaughter Race. She tells Ralph of her desire to stay, but Ralph wants to be with her at the arcade. This drives Ralph to go to the Dark Web in search for a virus to make the game unappealing. Due to flawed thinking, the virus is released on the internet causing it to ‘break.’ It is up to our protagonists to save the internet. This movie has been introduced to the public earlier this summer, creating anticipation among the public for its arrival. The plot was not predictable, and relates to the theme of friends going different ways and being able to conquer one’s insecurities, as they can lead to further harm within the relationship. Disney was able to spread an important message in a very creative and amusing way. At first glance, this movie might seem to be a cooking grenade waiting to explode. The internet is a very broad concept and ever-evolving. They were able to hit different categories such as: E-commerce, WiFi, Search Engines, Pop-up Ads, viruses, viral videos, and many others. Based on this movie's production, I’d give it a solid 9/10. It’s easy to tell if a movie is “good”. Generally if you’d like to watch the movie more than once, it’s a good movie. Ralph Breaks the Internet is more. Ralph Breaks the Internet is amazing.