Rise up in Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Post date: Apr 16, 2018 6:16:31 PM

By: Robby Timmler, Promotional Director

Posted April 16th, 2018

Pacific Rim: Uprising is the sequel to Pacific Rim (2013). The story follows 20 years after the ending of Pacific Rim, when they closed the Breach, where Kaijus, alien monsters would come through and attack major cities. The story follows Jake Pentecost (played by John Boyega) the son of Stacker Pentecost, the man that saved the world when he closed the Breach, who lives in uninhabited areas that were ruined by the Kaijus during the war. Jake runs into Amara (played by Cailee Spaeny) a scraper who built her own Jaeger, robots built to fight Kaijus during the war. Both Jake and Amara are caught, put in jail for an unregistered Jaeger, and are given the choice to stay in jail or work in the Jaeger program. Both of them choose to work in the Jaeger program. Jake meets up with his old friend Nate Lambert (played by Scott Eastwood) who feels that Jake is a disappointment to the Jaeger program, but that doesn’t matter because the Jaeger program is getting replaced by droids created by Liwen Shao (played by Tian Jing) that allow people to control the droids from far away and means that they don’t get hurt when fighting Kaijus. While at the convention showing off the new droids, an unregistered Jaeger shows up and starts attacking the convention. The Jaeger is stopped, but runs away without a trace. So it’s up to Jake and Nate to figure out who is controlling the Jaeger and why they were trying to destroy the convention.

Pacific Rim:Uprising is action packed, but doesn’t have the same feel of the first film. The acting is good especially John Boyega who gives a relatable performance that has moment of intensity and comedy. The action is cool and adds different Jaeger that have cool abilities. The weaknesses of the film is that the story and characters are cliche and the twist doesn’t make much sense. Pacific Rim: Uprising gets 6.5/10 stars.