Rocky Balboa Returns in “Creed”,but This Time He’s the Trainer

Post date: Mar 30, 2016 2:57:57 AM

By: Robbie Timmler, Staff Writer

Posted, December 4th 2015

Creed is the seventh addition to the Rocky Franchise, which is the continuing adventures of boxer Rocky Balboa and his friends. Creed starts with Adonis’s (Played by Michael B. Jordan) beginnings as a young boy in jail getting in fights with the other boys and his adoption by Mary Anne Creed(Played by Phylicia Rashad), wife of Apollo Creed. Adonis turns out to be Apollo’s son because he’s the son of a woman that Creed had an affair with. The movie then fast forwards to Adonis as an adult and we see him fight in boxing matches in Mexico. Then he quit his day job to fight full time. From there, Adonis moves to Philadelphia to train with retired boxing champ and former rival to Apollo, Rocky Balboa (Played by Sylvester Stallone). There we meet Bianca (Played by Tessa Thompson), who is the singer in her band and has developing hearing loss. Through the movie we see Adonis train and fight and train and fight until he faces his biggest challenger, undefeated boxing champion Ricky Conlon (Played by Tony Bellew). Creed has both great characters and emotional moments between Adonis and Rocky. In Creed we see how all of Rocky’s loved ones are dead or moved away and that he’s now alone, but he keeps going. The movie Creed shows how Adonis wants to make his own legacy and not be considered a mistake to the world.