Slinger High School presents: Alienated

Post date: May 26, 2017 2:31:47 PM

By: Madeline Hoitink, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Posted May 26th, 2017

This past Friday and Saturday night, a group of Slinger High School students performed the one act play “Alienated.” This performance marks the final play that will be held in the high school’s current auditorium, as the new referendum will be finished by next spring. The play’s director, Slinger’s science and math teacher, Mr. Schneider, did a wonderful job casting and completing the act.

Alienated takes place in a small town with a senior class of only about 20 students. One student, Cami, believes that there is an alien in her class due to past evidence. She and her friend Serena call a class meeting to discover the alien’s hidden identity. One group of students is from the “outer circle” (the eccentric, unpopular kids); another is from the “middle circle” (the normal kids); and the final is from the “inner circle” (the popular kids). As the play continues, the characters accuse one another of being the alien. However, Cami eventually leaves the room, disappointed. She was not able to find the true alien. After Cami leaves, the audience discovers that everyone in the senior class, except Cami, are all aliens. They have been hiding their true identities for years.

Alienated is a wonderful play that uses humor to keep the audience involved. Congratulations to the following SHS students on a magnificent performance!

The Newspaper Staff

Cammie: Victoria Volkmann

Serena: Katie Loff

Katie: Katie Mowrey

Brian: Phillip Steenbekkers

The Outer Circle

Wallace: Alex Jordan

Erika: Jillian Zielinski

Trevor: Darius Miller

Abby: Alex Feldhusen

Grace: Allison Koerner

Amanda: Megan Cichon

Rosalind: Claire Breitenbach

The Middle Circle

Tina: Riley McGrew

Erin: Tatjana VanRompay

Allen: Graham Thomas

Liz: Jaden Schmidt

Hillary: Alex Dupont

Ashley: Justine Horst

Lawrence: Alec Curran

The Inner Circle

Britney: Corina Jordan

Isabel: Joelle Hackney

Tristan: Dylan Winslow

Darby: Robby Timmler

Melissa: Katie Jaques

Dan: Riley Laetsch

Lloyd: Joey Dehays

Sophie: Sophie Brewer