UW-Washington County hosts Festival of Arts

Post date: Apr 22, 2016 11:26:26 AM

By: Hannah Stadel, Staff Writer

Posted April 22nd, 2016

On Saturday April ninth, the University of Wisconsin Washington County hosted a Festival of Arts, featuring local middle and high schools student’s art, a photography contest, an arts and crafts show, several art and garden lectures, and a farmer’s market. People from all over Washington County attended to view art and peruse products. Artwork and sculptures from thirteen SHS and fifteen SMS students were entered into an art contest. A total of five Slinger students were awarded for their work. These students include: sophomore Abbey Ford (first in high school drawing), senior Jessica Strupp (second in high school painting), sophomore Marina Katanaeva (fourth in high school drawing), sixth grader Will Secord (second in middle school 3D & media), and seventh grader Maria Graziano (received an honorable mention in middle school collage and printmaking).

Along with student’s art and sculpture, the festival featured a photography contest. The top fifteen winners were displayed for visitors to examine and appreciate in the UW-WC Art Gallery, and the first place winner earned a prize of $100.

The arts and crafts show featured many artists with a wide variety of works, from photography to pottery. Between viewing the art, one could stop

and listen to a lecture by any three of the UW-WC professors teaching on film, mathematics, nature, architecture, and, of course, art. The farmer's market, though humble in size, offered a variety of quality products from dilly carrots to handmade air fresheners. The vendors made sure to provide samples, which did not go to waste. Not only could buyers get a sense of what they were buying, but were wowed by the miraculously fine scents and flavors.

The festival was in fact a fantastic opportunity for students to share their work and for the public to appreciate fine arts.

The artwork featured above was created by Ashley Wolfmann. The artwork featured below was created by Abby Ford.